Connected Augmented Reality

Crunchfish Connected ARTM redefines mobile interaction within m-commerce and social applications. Crunchfish markets its patented Connected AR technology through the aBubbl® software platform, capable of activating this form of AR in any third-party application.


Automatic awareness of other near by app users’ presence and preferences. Discover and befriend relevant connections within selective ranges.


Connect and exchange customised information between devices and people nearby with a friction free digital handshake.


Share content by broadcast to all nearby or select groups of people that are present within a range – perfect for dynamic collaborations in meetings.


Crunchfish enables convenient and secure mobile proximity payment. We also offer proximity marketing in-store or between people outside the store, which with mobile proximity payment makes up a completely unique offering.

 Social applications

In social settings, we enable contextual and dynamic awareness of what is present here and now. The technology also has support for m-identification, a convenient and secure way to present individual personal data.

This is how it works

Our proximity software uses low power Bluetooth as carrier to enable people using your app to dynamically connect and interact with other people and devices in the vicinity. People may discover who is nearby, share content and enjoy a simplified transfer of digitised valuables.

Multiple users simultanously

Share to multiple users simultaneously with local broadcasting.

Cross Operating Systems

Compatible with all iOS and Android devices with low energy Bluetooth 4.0 supporting peripheral and central mode.

Scalable & packet switched

Packet switched solution that is robust and stable for secure transfer of content.