Touchless Interaction by Gestures

We offer the most advanced camera based touchless solution on the market. Our Touchless A3D® technology detects and tracks objects in three dimensions relying only on the video stream from the embedded camera in a mobile device. We enable gesture recognition in any consumer electronic device for convenient interaction from a distance.

Multiple gestures

Reliable detection of multiple gestures simultaneously. Excels in dim lighting and in extended distance of up to 4 meters.

Commercially proven

Our software is commercially proven with millions of users enjoying touchless technology across the globe.

Easy integration

Our software is patented and requires no external hardware. We provide on site support to ensure short time to market.

AR Experience

Gestures is a natural and convenient way to interact with AR smart glasses in industrial as well as consumer scenarios.
Acknowledge incoming calls and events, control media playback and navigate through step by step guides in your visual assistant.
We’re working with industry leaders to perfect both technology and interaction. Read more

VR Experience

Use gestures to interact in virtual reality. Show a pose to bring up a menu, swipe for the next view and control the sound. Our solution can be used in any VR application or device to create a way to interact and navigate content. See more…

 Mobile Experience

By using gestures you can navigate and control any device including computer, tablet or mobile phone from a distance. Capture photos and videos, swipe through presentations and user manuals or handle your calls without distracting attention from what you are currently working with. See more…

Software Development Kit

Poses are the touchless building blocks. Combine poses to create gestures. Tracking adds movement to gestures. The software also detects swipes using hand or finger motions. 


  • Open Hand
  • Closed Hand
  • Thumbs-up
  • V-sign
  • and more


  • Wink
  • Grab
  • Drop
  • Swipe
  • and more

SW technology

  • OS independent
  • Detection up to 4m
  • Back and front camera
  • Dim light support
  • No external hardware

SDK content

  • Touchless A3D Libraries
  • iOS/Android integration
  • API reference
  • Developer guide
  • Reference code