Interaction solutions for mobile payments and gesture control

Crunchfish develops and markets interaction solutions for mobile payment in a physical environment. Crunchfish’s proximity-based technology connects a customer’s mobile phone to a payment service in a Point of Sales terminal at a merchant, and even has a patent-pending innovation for payments when both the customer and merchant are completely without connection to the payment service. The solutions are marketed to payment apps, cash register providers and merchants in Sweden and India, as well as to multinational companies.

The company also develops interaction solutions based on gesture control and has integrated this technology in tenth of millions of smartphones, tablets and wearables currently on the market. Today’s development of gesture interaction technology is focused on AR/VR and smartphones.

Crunchfish has offices in Malmö (headquarter) and Stockholm in Sweden and representation in India. The company drives its businesses through two wholly-owned subsidiary companies, Crunchfish Proximity providing proximity-based technologies in mobile payments, and Crunchfish Gesture Interaction providing gesture interaction solutions for AR/VR. Crunchfish was founded in 2010 and has 23 employees.

Crunchfish at a glance

Crunchfish is a provider of software and UX expertise that reinvents m-commerce and enterprise AR interaction. Crunchfish’s mobile proximity technology digitizes the immediate surroundings of a person or a thing. This dynamic and contextual technology is all about experiencing the here and now. Our touchless gesture interaction technology enables you to use your hands to engage with digital interfaces more naturally, making interactions more fluid, direct and immersive.

Crunchfish’s software is licensed to hardware manufacturers and application developers and is currently available in millions of devices and applications from global enterprises. Based in Sweden, we also have a presence in India. The company was founded in 2010 and has been listed on Nasdaq First North since 2016.

Patented technologies

The Crunchfish patent portfolio is continuously growing. The strategy is to protect the company’s technologies in all geographic markets deemed to be of importance. The company owns all its patents and patent applications without limitation.

In Q3 2020, Crunchfish had 28 unique innovations that had been granted patents. Within touchless interaction there were 12 unique innovations of which 11 had been granted patents, and related to mobile proximity technology there were 25 unique inventions of which 17 had been granted. In total, Crunchfish had 69 active patents and patent applications, counting all country specific applications.