Image Credit: US Patent and Trademark Office

Augmented Reality (AR) is the next-generation of technology, where the physical world is augmented with computer-generated content. AR is thought to be the next technological revolution, and the market is assumed to grow rapidly over the coming years. It is assessed that all major smartphone makers are doing research in the AR field and this month, Samsung applied for a patent relating to the company’s first potential AR product – smart AR glasses.

Samsung is a giant in technological development and this month the company filed a patent for an invention relating to a pair of smart AR glasses. Smart glasses are thought to be the next essential tech accessories, and able to disrupt the use of smartphones in our everyday lives. In the patent application, Samsung is presenting an invention related to a pair of foldable smart glasses where the temples may be constructed to be foldable with respect to the frame of the device, thereby allowing the device to be easily stored. An interesting invention also included in the patent application is the functionality to recognise whether the smart glasses are folded or unfolded, which enables the possibility to minimise the power consumption of the device. Using this technology, the optical system of the smart glasses may be automatically turned off when the glasses are folded, hence saving power.

Crunchfish is one of the market leaders in gesture control, which is the intuitive way to interact with AR products. With smart glasses or similar, there is no physical display to interact with, so touchless gestures become a necessity. Since camera sensors are developing rapidly and special processing units for neural nets (NPU) become more commonly used in devices, it is expected that gesture control will evolve even faster moving forward and Crunchfish is actively driving that market. The company recently released its most powerful product to date – XR Tracking 2.0.

Experience the Crunchfish gesture control in first person below, showing the company’s high-precision XR Tracking 2.0 using a standard RGB camera sensor in Android mobile devices or smart glasses. You can also try Crunchfish’s demo solution and get immersed in the augmented reality experience.

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