Augmented reality (AR) and AR smart glasses are thought to be the next technology revolution following the smartphone. Crunchfish is in the forefront of the AR scene with its gesture control technology and the company has recently started a development program to optimise its gesture control engine for Neural Processing Units (NPU). The initial results are impressive, and the company assesses it will lead to an even faster and more accurate touchless gesture interaction.

An NPU is a processor that is optimised for processing thousands of computations simultaneously. A key advantage of the NPU technology is its ability to do the computations for neural networks at a high speed without consuming excessive amounts of resources or electricity. It is assessed that NPUs will be part of the augmented reality revolution as machine learning and power efficiency are key assets. The development of NPUs is fast-moving and each iteration of new hardware contain significant improvements in neural processors, as we have seen from recent launches by both Huawei and Qualcomm

Crunchfish is constantly following the development in hardware. To further strengthen its position within the AR segment and meet the requirements from the consumer segment, Crunchfish has for a while been running a development program to make its products compatible with NPUs. Using newly market launched NPU products from leading manufacturers, Crunchfish is testing its technology. The results show that Crunchfish can do gesture interaction faster and more energy efficient using NPU technology, and support for NPUs has been built into the official products. Crunchfish is thus ready for the NPU revolution.

Just recently, Crunchfish released its most powerful product to date – XR Tracking 2.0. The product offers the unique experience of a mouse-like UI paradigm by just using a hand. The position of the hand is tracked with high precision for a responsive UI feedback. It is easy to adopt to existing applications and offer a quick learning curve for the user since fewer gestures need to be remembered and the interaction can be made consistent.

To see the potential of Crunchfish’s powerful XR Tracking 2.0, please download the demo application. The demo demonstrates Crunchfish’s solution for efficient touchless interaction with most standard AR smart glasses. Using the pinch, open and closed hand, interactions such as navigation, item selection, annotation and zooming can be performed. The demo is available on:

  • Epson BT3xx
  • Lenovo New C200
  • RealWear HMT-1
  • Vuzix M-series (external link)
  • Smartphones (mobile AR)*

*Compatible with the majority smartphones running Android 5.0 or later.



Interested in bringing gesture controls to your AR hardware or software? Please contact our sales team:

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Joakim Nydemark, CEO at Crunchfish
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