Crunchfish has entered a commercial agreement with LogistiVIEW Inc. regarding implementation of the company’s gesture control technology in LogistiVIEW’s products. LogistiVIEW provides Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for  warehouses, service and manufacturing industries etc. The agreement comprises an upfront payment as well as recurring revenue through user licenses. The upfront order value including startup support fee is approx. SEK 70,000 plus a monthly license fee per user.  

LogistiVIEW is a US company that has developed a technology platform for smart AR glasses that simplifies tasks in the industry and thereby increases productivity as well as reduces the risk of inaccuracies. LogistiVIEW uses the camera in the smart AR glasses to provide the user with AR-based work instructions. The result is a powerful and effective experience where information is visualised in an intuitive way. The company markets its products to warehouses, service and manufacturing industries.

According to the agreement, Crunchfish’s gesture control technology will be included in LogistiVIEW’s product offering running on e.g. Vuzix M300 and M400 smart AR glasses, and Crunchfish will be entitled to recurring revenue through user licenses. The agreement runs until further notice.

“LogistiVIEW develops user-friendly and intuitive solutions. Integrating Crunchfish’s gesture control as part of a multimodal interaction solution came natural to us. With alternative interaction options, we open up significant time savings for our customers. The combination of LogistiVIEW’s and Crunchfish’s software opens up new business opportunities for LogistiVIEW”, comments Seth Patin, CEO and founder of LogistiVIEW.

“LogistiVIEW is a company in the forefront addressing efficiency and usability in AR, and we are very proud to become a technology provider bringing our gesture control to their solutions. The agreement is an important milestone for us in addressing the US market, and it underlines the need for a variety of interaction principles where gesture control solves specific pain points”, comments Henrik Winberg, Director of Sales at Crunchfish.


Interested in bringing gesture controls to your AR hardware or software? Please contact our sales team:

Henrik Winberg, Sales Director at Crunchfish
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Joakim Nydemark, CEO of Crunchfish
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