Crunchfish goes global within CBDC, having solved offline and private payments

Central Banks around the world are evaluating and piloting Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) implementations where offline and private payments are key requirements. As Crunchfish Digital Cash solution offer these capabilities the company has decided to pursue a global strategy within CBDC, broadening focus from Sweden and India only. – Central Banks have a choice to make. They can either choose to issue their digital cash as a new currency, to be handled by existing payment rails, or as a new format requiring bank infrastructures to be upgraded, says Joachim Samuelsson, Crunchfish Group CEO.

Crunchfish Digital Cash AB (“Crunchfish”) will start pursuing opportunities within Central Bank Digital Currencies on a global scale. This strategy is kicked-off by the presentation “Solving offline payments for scalable and interoperable CBDCs” by Crunchfish’s Group CEO Joachim Samuelsson at OMFIF’s inaugural Digital Monetary Institute Symposium, in which he challenges the prevailing perception that banking infrastructure must be upgraded to handle CBDC. Crunchfish has recently joined as a member of the international forum as they frequently publish articles and organize meetings in this area.

”Central Banks around the world are looking into various ways of implementing CBDC’s. Cash can either be digitized as a new format, requiring large investments in the banking sector or as a new currency, using existing payment rails. Crunchfish has decided to go global with our Digital Cash offer as we believe we provide the most cost-efficient CBDC solution in the world which is also fast to implement”, says Crunchfish’s CEO Joachim Samuelsson.

Today’s announcement of Crunchfish’s global CBDC strategy was also prompted by Crunchfish presentation yesterday to Bank of International Settlement’s Innovation Network’s CBDC WG Offline Payments Workstream with participants from 11 Central Banks from around the world. Bank of International Settlement acts as a bank for Central Banks and supports Central Banks’ pursuit of monetary and financial stability through international cooperation, where the Offline Payments Workstream is one of such initiatives. The presentation outlined a detailed comparison of Crunchfish’s Digital Cash vs. VISA’s Offline Payment System for CBDC. Although similar in some respects, no less than 27 important differences were discussed, most of them patent-pending by Crunchfish.  

This announcement comes after Crunchfish publishing several articles recently on Digital Cash for CBDC implementations:  

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About Crunchfish –
Crunchfish is a technical pioneer within digital payments with its ground-breaking Digital Cash Wallet using a two-step payment process, first clearing offline followed by online settlement, which makes digital payments robust and independent from the net. Crunchfish Digital Cash Wallet is extremely flexible and may be used with all types of payment services. It is interoperable cross-service/schemes and cross-borders/currencies. It truly delivers the properties of cash, such as instant clearing, offline payments and preserving the payer’s integrity, without requiring any changes to the central or commercial banking infrastructure. This enables CBDC to be rolled out fast in any country.

We have also developed Blippit, an app terminal that connects to cash register systems for both online and offline payments and have a patent-pending solution to reduce food waste. Crunchfish also develops gesture control of smart AR glasses for the consumer market. 

Crunchfish is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market since 2016, with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden and with representation in India.