Crunchfish launches a new Bluetooth bridge based on its software technology, aBubbl, which enables mobile payment directly to an app on the recipient’s mobile or tablet. This is a significant extension of the offer compared to only supporting mobile payment to physical cash registers before. This is especially important in a market such as India, where the majority of the country’s 50 million merchants are small Kirana stores where payment is often made by cash or possibly to a merchant app.*

Crunchfish started already in 2014 to develop and patent its software technology aBubbl, but with initially a focus on sharing information between mobiles in social contexts. Now, aBubbl has also been adapted to mobile payment and widens Crunchfish’s offer to the market significantly.

Business situations where there are no other digital payment means other than to a merchant app are very common in developing countries, but also in Sweden there are many common situations where direct payments to mobile or tablet are applicable. Not least at self-service kiosks, at market stalls, in taxis, to mobile sales attendants in shops and in private money transfers between individuals.

Figure 1: Interaction when executing payment from mobile to mobile / tablet at a retailer or to a private individual is improved with aBubbl’s software bridge

The payment interaction with aBubbl is not initiated by a blip as is the case at the app terminal. Instead the payment information just appears in the payment app when the payer is within a meter’s distance of the payee. The name aBubbl comes from being near-by, or within a ‘bubble’ of, the payee in this case. The transaction is as secure as other mobile payments, as the payer still approves the transfer with biometrics or PIN in their app.

Blippit’s app terminal is the bridge to cash registers

Blippit’s app terminal has been Crunchfish Proximity’s development focus during 2019 and is now ready to be rolled-out to the market via Blippit AB, a joint venture by Crunchfish and ClearOn. We are proud that Swish, the dominating Swedish mobile payment app, has implemented support for Blippit, as this means that the virtually all swedes may check-out via Blippit at a cash register connected to an app terminal.

Figure 2: Blippit’s app terminal is the bridge to cash registers at merchants.

* Please see the attached perspective from Google Pay, released in November 2019, on real time payment, including a case study on how Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is transforming India’s payment market. 

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