Crunchfish launches XR Skeleton, the next generation of gesture control for AR and smartphones

Crunchfish XR Skeleton

Crunchfish is proud to showcase the next generation gesture control technology, where 21 points on each hand can be detected and tracked in three dimensions with a standard mobile phone camera. This type of depiction of a hand is often called a skeleton model and enables an extremely accurate and flexible interaction solution, where each point can be used as an interaction surface to e.g. virtual objects or menu systems.

Crunchfish already has a number of different products, where the previously launched – XR Tracking – enables, among other things, the versatile pinch gesture, which is perfect for simpler AR glasses. However, it has some limitations if the hardware is more advanced and the user is to be given full flexibility in the interaction. To achieve an Augmented Reality experience that is as close to reality as possible, we have developed the next generation gesture control technology – Crunchfish XR Skeleton.

The product we now showcase uses a standard RGB 2D camera, but still delivers absolute distances between all 21 points in all three dimensions. The solution works in AR glasses, VR devices as well as in mobile phones, and will also support several camera sensors simultaneously. The areas of use for XR Skeleton are mainly in AR/VR, for example to manipulate virtual objects by pressing or grabbing them, but the solution also provides new ways of controlling various screen functions from a distance.

“By using a combination of 21-point annotated hand images, greenscreens, synthetic hand models and specially adapted neural networks, we have been able to train algorithms for full skeletal hand gestures that is more stable and more accurate than any other solution that we have seen on the market in comparable hardware. Crunchfish XR Skeleton is our most advanced gesture control product to date and delivers a perfect interaction experience for the user in all situations”says Joakim Nydemark, CEO of Crunchfish Gesture Interaction.

“With the latest research findings within neural networks and machine learning, and a huge team effort, we have developed an extremely flexible, accurate and intuitive interaction solution. With our advanced skeleton model implementation, we create full flexibility in the gesture control solution for both consumer electronics manufacturers and end users”says Daniel Milesson, R&D Director, Crunchfish Gesture Interaction.

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