Enterprise AR

Crunchfish offers touchless interaction by gestures as well as contextual awareness technology for enterprise AR. We enable the user to interact and handle information more quickly, easily and safely.

Gesture control for efficient AR interaction

Demand is growing for user-friendly and efficient ways to engage with smart glasses. Without a touchscreen, users will constantly face situations where existing interaction methods are insufficient, and where gestures become the optimal alternative:

  • When you cannot reach a controller with buttons.
  • During operation in noisy environments, or where silence is required.
  • When wearing gloves.
  • If there are requirements to minimise hand contamination risk.

Photo, courtesy of Epson

Mobile proximity provides contextual awareness

Contextual awareness ensures relevant information in every situation and efficient information exchange between humans or human and machine. Crunchfish’s mobile proximity technology customizes the interaction and reduces the number of commands necessary to solve a task. In a defined proximity it enables:

  • Entities to discover, connect and share information seamlessly.
  • Solely context relevant information to be sent between worker and machine.
  • Analytics that measure collaboration efficiency at work sites.
  • An additional layer of security based on physical presence.

Interaction demo for AR glasses

This application demonstrates Crunchfish’s solution tailored and designed for an efficient touchless interaction with any standard AR smart glasses. Using the pinch, open hand and closed hand, powerful operations such as navigation, item selection, annotation and zooming into images can be accomplished. More information about the gestures and how they are used in this demo can be found in this short guide.

Download demo for:


Touchless gesture control

Using advanced image recognition and deep learning algorithms, Crunchfish Touchless A3D® detects and tracks objects in three dimensions using the camera in mobile and wearable devices. This enables you to use your hands to engage with digital interfaces more naturally via gestures, making interactions more fluid, direct and immersive.

Mobile proximity technology for contextual awareness
Crunchfish’s mobile proximity technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy and beacons to enable interaction built on distance. Measured signal strength determines whether the user is a few centimetres, a couple of metres or hundreds of metres away. When you are within the predetermined range, the technology allows you to discover, communicate and share information.


Crunchfish has 11 unique touchless interaction inventions, of which 10 have been granted patents and 15 unique AR inventions of which 9 have been granted patents.

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Our Touchless A3D® SDK is OS independent and works with standard cameras.

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