Houssam Soubra. Certifying Digital Cash @ UL. 33/36.

UL https://www.ul.com/ is all about empowering trust. They solve critical challenges and help innovators around the world to discover new possibilities and deliver what matters — safety, quality, security, sustainability and confidence. Exactly what Crunchfish needs to establish our Digital Cash solutions.

Today, UL is back in our interview series, this time represented by Houssam Soubra, Principal Advisor & EMV Global Solutions Lead. Houssam is extremely knowledgeable and experienced within EMV and mobile payments, and since January 2021 he has been giving bi-weekly masterclasses to the Crunchfish team, providing us with new insights and deep knowledge in these fields.

In this interview, Houssam and Joachim Samuelsson talk about entrepreneurship and the concept of surrounding yourself with masterminds in order to succeed in approaching the market as an entrepreneur, as described by author Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, written almost 100 years ago but still relevant today https://www.amazon.com/Think-Grow-Rich…/dp/1585424331. They also talk about that UL provides Crunchfish with certification and compliance processes for payment services, as well as the importance of being able to see the big picture in the complex global payment ecosystem.

This is interview 33 of 36 in the second season – Cash goes digital, a payment pandemic – out Friday morning at 6 am CET / 10.30 am IST. https://www.crunchfish.com/the-interviews/