Crunchfish recently participated at the AR/VR event EWTS 2019, where the company’s gesture control was showcased at the booths of LogistiVIEW and Vuzix. One of the key trends discussed at EWTS 2019 was using Augmented Reality (AR) in logistics, where pilot studies showed increased efficiency and positive ROI in integrating AR in e.g. warehousing operations. Other strong use cases presented were remote assist and staff training using AR.  

EWTS (Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit) 2019 gathered over 100 enterprise presenters and approx. 1,000 attendees to discuss and presented the latest trends in business and industrial applications for wearables. Crunchfish was present and saw clear usage trends in enterprise AR such as logistics, staff training and remote assist combined with work instructions. These areas of use were all exemplified in presentations at the event, of real installations, pilots and full rollouts by companies from the industry.

The key element in logistics is efficiency. According to DHL, operations are estimated to account for about 20 % of all logistics costs, and the task of picking accounts for 55 % to 65 % of the total cost of warehousing operations. Using AR, companies can ensure an improved efficiency and eliminate time consuming and costly mistakes. During EWTS 2019, Crunchfish entered an agreement with LogistiVIEW, which is an American company using AR to make companies in logistics more efficient. The co-workers at the warehouse wear AR smart glasses to see a virtual pick-to-light system overlaid on real-world pick locations or put walls.

LogistiVIEW recently conducted a successful implementation at the warehouse of a successful e-commerce company, which significantly reduced load on the conveyor system. It also showed faster turn on customer orders as well as reduced inventory touches and travel time. Moreover, the integration of AR meant that new co-workers could start working in minutes instead of hours.

Samsung is another company that has chosen to integrate AR in logistics. In Samsung’s warehouse in the Netherlands, the company is fully operational with AR smart glasses, and the investment has resulted in a significant performance increase for the picking process. Besides that, the process quality has been improved by reducing the error rate.

As a conclusion from EWTS 2019 we can happily note that the enterprise market starts to realise the advantages of integrating AR smart glasses and that hand gesture control is essential for efficient use. Crunchfish brings back a number of interesting leads from EWTS 2019 and concludes the attendance to be a success.


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