“Finally, mobile payment is easier than paying with a card”

Malmö Arena, one of the largest and most modern arenas in Sweden, has chosen the
m-commerce (mobile commerce) app pej, with patented proximity technology from Crunchfish, as their preferred solution for handling ordering and payments.

The pej app was recently successfully tested during the two large events DreamHack Masters 2017 and Cirque du Soleil in Malmö Arena. When the SHL-season kicked-off this weekend, pej was an integral part of the kiosk order and payment process at the arena.

Malmö Arena seats up to 12,600 visitors, who during very short intervals make a massive amount of purchases. This calls for a fast, simple and reliable solution for ordering, payment and delivery. The m-commerce app pej meets these requirements and enables more people being served during a shorter time. For the arena this translates to more sales.

Fast product access
At an arena, an m-commerce app must be designed for speed as fast product delivery and payment is what really saves time. As a first step, the visitors place the orders and prepare the payment while enjoying the event. At the following break, as visitors line up at the kiosks, staff are automatically notified by proximity technology what the visitors in front of them have ordered and may start pre-packing the orders. Fast payment, at the moment of delivery, by a simple tap with the mobile at the service terminal, completes the re-engineered ordering process.


“Through the use of Crunchfish’s proximity technology in combination with our own order and payment platform, we have created a ground-breaking application designed for speed. We believe that arenas, events and nightclubs will embrace it as they understand the positive effect on sales.” says Victor Sandberg, CEO of pej AB.

“Finally, it is easier to pay with your smartphone than a credit card. It is a win-win for the thousands of visitors at events and the arena as it offers both better customer experience and faster product access.” says Joakim Nydemark, CEO at Crunchfish.

Patented proximity technology
Crunchfish recently received a pre-notification from the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) that a patent for proximity functionality for commercial service terminals will be granted. In the setting at an arena, event or nightclub this is what enables staff to start pre-packing orders as the innovation can make the kiosk aware of who is queueing in front of them. It covers also an efficient way of mobile payment by just tapping the mobile on the payment terminal.

The business model of Crunchfish’s proximity technology product aBubbl® applied to m-commerce, is transaction-based where revenue consists of a portion of the invoiced amount at each purchase.

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About Crunchfish
Crunchfish develops software for AR/VR and m-commerce that creates new possibilities for interaction. Our product Touchless A3D® enables touchless interaction with hand gestures in an AR/VR environment and photo capturing in mobiles. Our software platform aBubbl® enables m-commerce solutions and the activation of AR in any application, letting users of mobile devices locally and seamlessly discover who is nearby, connect and share information. Crunchfish’s technology is licensed to consumer electronics manufacturers and application developers and is currently available in millions of devices from global enterprises. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Malmö, Sweden. Visit crunchfish.com for more information.