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Digital Cash Solutions

Crunchfish’s patent pending Digital Cash Solutions are built on an Offline Wallet that may either use the Secure Element provided by the mobile OS or run as a Trusted Application in V-OS virtual secure element.

The Offline Wallet securely maintains an offline balance that is utilized for offline transactions. The transactions are cryptographically signed by the payer, assigned to the payee and guaranteed as they are debited against the offline balance. The payee verifies the Guaranteed Offline Payments (GOP) in an application running on a mobile, card terminal or PC. Transaction logs are settled when either party goes online.

The solutions are exceptionally configurable with any type of digital payment settlement rail, e.g. EMV, instant payment, CBDC or closed-loop wallet. The offline balance may be facilitated by sub-wallet, pre-authorization, or credit.

The offline transaction may use any type of proximity interaction, e.g. QR, NFC, BLE or ultrasound and the merchant may use any type of device to verify the Guaranteed Offline Payments in an offline mode. This provides an unprecedented flexibility to provide offline payments for any digital payment service.

Digital cash solutions


Online by Proxy

When either the payer or payee does not have an online connection, a connection can be obtained by proxy from the connected party. This is a sought-after solution in the Indian market as it is common for the customer to have connectivity issues in-store; with Crunchfish Proxilink they can instead set up a https connection by proxy.

Online by Proxy does not involve any significant change for the payment service as the payment remains a real-time payment. Comparing this technology to QR code interactions, Online by Proxy is a great value-add because it enables mobile payments even if the customer does not have a connection.

At the end of June 2020, India’s leading media house, The Times Group, published a video interview with Crunchfish CEO, Joachim Samuelsson, focused on our Proxilink products.

Blippit App Terminal

Blippit is a plug-n-play app terminal that connects to Android and Windows cash registers in order to enable mobile payment functionality.

With Blippit, a transaction is initiated through a Blipp, when the customer places their mobile phone a couple centimeters away from the Blippit app terminal. The terminal supports both account to account payments as well as mobile wallets. 

Blippit transactions make for a more seamless transaction than with QR codes and a cleaner transaction than with traditional card terminals because customers authorise payments on their own mobile phones, not by punching in a code on a terminal. 

The app terminal enables the same type of customer identification advantages as Proxilink and also supports Offline capability.

Blippit payment flow

Dynamic Pricing

Crunchfish has taken on the challenge with food waste through our innovative concept for dynamic pricing. There are several positive aspects to applying a dynamic pricing of goods – there is an important climate aspect as it may significantly reduce food waste. There are also economic incentives for the FMCG industry by engaging consumers through discounts.

Dynamic pricing of an item means that the item is priced based on its individual characteristics such as production date, best-before date or batch number. The solution is based on GS1 Digital Link and is based on a method for which Crunchfish received a Swedish patent in 2020.


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Crunchfish is a member of the Swedish FinTech Association, an industry association for the Swedish FinTech companies. Their mission is to gather the Swedish FinTech community to create impact.

Crunchfish is a member of the Payments Council of India (PCI). PCI is an interest organization created by a large number of companies operating in the payment and Fintech sectors in India, with the aim of representing members’ interests in cross-sectoral issues.