New AR projects risk failing

So far, AR projects have focused on technology to provide the AR experience rather than methods that allow users to better engage with the content. It is crucial to include the user experience to secure confidence in the AR technology and avoid project failure.

In order for AR to succeed, we need to put the user in focus. Take the personal computer and the smartphone, for example – it was Apple’s user focus that really got them going. What AR needs is interaction methods that allow people to interact with AR content in a much more efficient and intuitive way.

“Body interaction, like gestures, are preferable to other methods, since they provide an enhanced user experience by making interactions more fluid, direct and immersive.” says Henrik Winberg, Sales Director at Crunchfish.

A blend of voice, body, and object positioning will make it possible for AR users to interact with data, software applications, and their surrounding environments. To make the interaction more efficient, mobile proximity technology can discover and track devices, equipment, goods, and people, and seamlessly connect them and let them share information when they are close to each other.

“Mobile proximity technology enables contextual awareness based on physical presence, which can be used to customise the interaction to send only context relevant information to the right user, at the right time and place.” concludes Henrik Winberg.

Gesture interaction – one of the most intuitive ways to interact in AR
Touchless gesture interaction lets you engage with AR devices and environments in a direct way, making interactions more fluid and immersive. Crunchfish has 8 years’ experience of UX design from gesture interaction projects. Our software is used in AR smart glasses to navigate content and perform tasks.

Contextual awareness – makes interaction more efficient
Contextual awareness is context driven information based on proximity. It customises the interaction and ensures relevant information in every situation and efficient information exchange between humans or human and device/machine. Crunchfish provides applications with an intelligent proximity layer that adds awareness of who and what is present in real time, enabling communication and information sharing.

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Crunchfish will be at AR & VR World in London, June 12 -14, to show how to interact in AR more naturally and efficiently, using touchless gesture control and mobile proximity technology. Welcome to visit us in the AREA pavilion, booth AR225. You are also welcome to listen to Henrik Winberg’s presentation Why the interaction in AR is critical for a successful use case in Expo Theater H, 14:40 – 15:00 on Thursday.