Crunchfish and ClearOn introduce smart coupons, which enables new ways to communicate with customers, making product campaigns more engaging and valuable. The solution is made possible by Crunchfish’s patented proximity-based interaction technology and ClearOn’s innovative clearing system.

The smart coupon solution will be demonstrated in Stockholm on March 15 at Innoday, the leading Swedish trade conference.

How smart coupons work

At home
The customer receives targeted coupons from merchants or brands directly in the mobile app (1). Physical coupons can also be downloaded by scanning a QR code. All coupons are sorted and displayed in the app and the customer chooses to activate the interesting ones (2). The activation will later help the customer to remember to buy the products in the store. Additional product information, such as video clips, are available for certain coupons (3).

At the store entrance, the customer receives a notification about activated coupons (4). When the customer approaches an activated coupon product, a reminder is sent (5). The customer can also download and activate a new coupon from the shelf by blipping the phone against the aBubbl® Pod (6). When the customer is approaching checkout, a reminder to use activated coupons is sent (7). At checkout, the customer blips the phone against the aBubbl® Checkout Pod to redeem the coupons and the discount is automatically deducted from the sum total (8).

Smart mobile coupon journey 1

Benefits to merchants and brands

The smart coupon solution creates value in different stages of the shopping journey:

  • New interaction points with customers in-store and at home.
  • In-store product reminders provide new opportunities for upsell.
  • Automated coupon handling increases efficiency and shorten queues at checkout.
  • Precise and individualized marketing with activation function avoids spam.
  • Better knowledge of customer coupon usage enables value added services.
  • Sharing more product information with customers, such as video clips in coupons, builds stronger brand engagement.
  • In order to further engage customers in product campaigns, gamification can be used, where participants share, search and win coupons.
  • With real time coupon updates based on merchandise inventory, spoilage is minimized.
  • A structured overview of coupons, more relevant and personalized offers, and easier and faster interaction to collect and redeem coupons drive usage and download of the app.

In addition to smart mobile coupons, the solution also enables mobile payments, loyalty, settlement, receipts, accounting, clearing and digital signage.

The smart mobile coupon is available for any merchant or third-party app, on both iOS and Android.