The role of the Swedish state in digital payments – a 3-part webinar series

In October and November 2020, the Digitization Network in the Swedish Parliament in collaboration with Crunchfish and Svensk Handel arranged a series of three webinars about the role of the Swedish state in digital payments.The moderator for all webinars was Joachim Samuelsson, CEO of Crunchfish.

October 7 – Current situation and issues (in Swedish)
Panelists: Riksbanken, Svensk Handel and Mastercard.

October 21 – Technical opportunities (in English)
Panelists – Crunchfish, Swish and Accenture

November 4 – Political discussion (in Swedish)
Panelists – Members of Swedish Parliament from the Finance Committee


Agenda for the webinars:

1) The roles and responsibilities of the state and the private sector in the digital payment market

  • How is a secure, robust and efficient payment market ensured?
  • Claims on the private sector if government funds are marginalized.
  • Is there a need for new legislation in the payment market?

2) Risks with a digitalised payment market where cash is marginalized

  • Operational disruptions and consequences in crisis and war conditions.
  • Anonymity and integrity and risks of money laundering.
  • Digital and economic exclusion.

3) Is the e-krona a solution to the risks of a cashless economy?

  • The needs of the public, trade and banks for digital central bank money.
  • Requirements for the e-krona to address the risks when cash is marginalized.
  • Consequences for the state and the private sector if the e-krona is introduced.


Background information: