New marketing opportunities when the classic discount coupon becomes digital and moves into the mobile phone

Nasdaq First North-listed Crunchfish and ClearOn today launched the solution for smart mobile coupons at trade fair Innoday in Stockholm. The new solution offers the trade digital communication channels and prerequisites for up-sell. The smart mobile coupon is enabled through Crunchfish’s proximity-based interaction technology and ClearOn’s innovative clearing system, which is available in more than 20 000 cash registers in approximately 6 000 stores.

The traditional discount coupon moves into the mobile phone and offers merchants and brand owners new digital opportunities to market products both before and during a purchase at the store.

Crunchfish’s and ClearOn’s unique digital solution stimulates up-sell by offering consumers a simpler, personalized, more informative and entertaining way of taking advantage of promotional offers and product information.

The solution also enables faster check-out and reduced queuing through more efficient handling of discount coupons at checkout as well as more efficient administration and increased customer behaviour information.

“We offer trade and brand owners new digital communication opportunities before, during and after a purchase. This solution creates the prerequisite for a simple and seamless handling of coupons and mobile payments as well as increased sales”, says Pontus Ellefsson, CEO of ClearOn.

“We have looked at the trade needs of simpler and more cost effective mobile solutions and the opportunities offered by the digital format in terms of more efficient marketing on customer terms” ​​says Joachim Samuelsson, CEO of Crunchfish’s subsidiary Crunchfish Proximity AB.

How the smart mobile coupon works

In the home
The customer gets targeted coupons from merchants and brands directly in the mobile app or by scanning a QR code. All coupons are sorted and displayed in the app and the customer chooses to activate the interesting ones. The activation will later help the customer to remember to buy the products in the store. Additional information, such as a product video, is made available for certain coupons.

In the store
When the customer enters the store, a message about activated coupons is sent. When the customer approaches an activated coupon product, a reminder is sent. It is also possible to download and activate a new coupon at the shelf by blipping the phone against an aBubbl® Pod. At the checkout, the customer blips the phone against an aBubbl® Checkout Pod to redeem the coupons and the discount is automatically deducted from the sum.

Advantages for trade and brand owners

  1. The solution creates new communication opportunities with the customer before, during and after a purchase.
  2. Reminders in store create more opportunities for up-sell.
  3. Automated coupon management creates increased efficiency and reduces queuing at checkout.
  4. Personalized marketing creates more precise and relevant offers.
  5. Better knowledge of customers’ shopping behavior and preferences enables value creation services.
  6. With coupons based on updates of the store’s inventories in real time, the waste can be minimized.
  7. In order to further engage customers in product campaigns, game mechanisms can be used, where customers share, search and win coupons.
  8. Sharing more product information with customers, for example in the form of video clips, creates greater commitment to brands.
  9. A structured overview of coupons, more relevant and personalized offers, and easier and faster interaction for collecting and redeeming coupons affects the use of the merchant’s app.

In addition to smart mobile coupons, the solution also enables mobile payments, digital signing and identification, loyalty, settlement, receipt, accounting and clearing.

For more information, please contact:
Joachim Samuelsson, CEO Crunchfish Proximity AB
+46 70 846 47 88,

Pontus Ellefsson, CEO ClearOn AB
+46 70 734 40 04,


Crunchfish Proximity AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nasdaq First North-listed Cruchfish AB, develops and markets mobile interaction technology. The solution that Crunchfish has developed for retail trade allows mobile users to take part in retail marketing and check out by blipping their phone, even when the phone is in locked or shut down mode. Near a promotional product or when the customer approaches the checkout, the user can also be notified.
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ClearOn AB leads the development of coupons and payment services in Swedish trade. The Wave business area develops and sells cash registers. In cooperation with 6,000 stores, the company clears coupons, gift cards, payments and value gains of SEK 5 billion annually. Through Kassagirot, ClearOn offers individuals and companies the opportunity to pay, withdraw, exchange and transfer money in cooperation with Bankgirot, Nordea, Swedbank and MoneyGram. ClearOn is a payment institution under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is owned by the Swedish Securities Commissioners Association.
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