Crunchfish’s gesture control will be available to try out in Vuzix’s booth at EWTS in Dallas, September 17th-19th and in Crunchfish’s own booth at AWE EU in Munich, October 17th-18th.


Try out Crunchfish’s AR gesture control at Vuzix’s booth at EWTS

EWTS is the most comprehensive event dedicated to business and industrial applications for wearables. Consisting of real-world case studies and expert-led group discussions, EWTS is where enterprises go to hear insights from leading enterprise experts as to the best practices for effective evaluation, adoption, and implementation of AR, VR, and wearables in the workplace.

Crunchfish has developed several demo applications of its gesture control technology to visualise gesture interaction in industrial AR use cases. During the EWTS conference in Dallas, Texas on September 17th – 19th, you can experience Crunchfish’s gesture control solution running on Vuzix’s powerful M400 glasses in the Vuzix booth. Crunchfish has been a provider of interaction technologies compatible with Vuzix devices since 2017. Vuzix is a leading supplier of connected eyewear products for use in the industrial and consumer markets. The company’s products offer users a high-quality viewing experience for industrial wearable displays, as well as consumer virtual and augmented reality experiences. Read more about Vuzix at

Crunchfish’s CEO Joakim Nydemark and Sales Director Henrik Winberg will participate on the EWTS conference and you can book a meeting with them here.

Gesture control is essential in AR – we show why at AWE EU 2019

AWE is the world’s largest conference for the AR/VR industry. Top innovators are gathered to showcase cutting-edge AR/VR experiences in all aspects of life and work. In this year’s event, the following topics are in focus: enterprise use cases and best practices, latest developer/creator tools, AR Cloud, WebXR, 5G & AI, and more.

Crunchfish – as a leading provider of interaction technologies – will demonstrate at AWE EU how gesture control revolutionise interaction with our physical and virtual environment in AR. To successfully deploy an AR application, user experience (UX) is one of the most important aspects. At AWE EU, Crunchfish will demo its gesture control technology using AR mobile devices and augmented reality smart glasses from Vuzix and Realwear.

Welcome to visit Crunchfish in booth 310 at AWE EU to try out our demos and experience user-friendly AR applications.