Consumer devices

Crunchfish creates innovative solutions for touchless gesture interaction for mobile AR, VR headsets and smartphone photo capture. Touchless gesture-based interaction substitutes or complements physical buttons, voice and touch control.

AR smart glasses interaction

Consumer smart glasses are entering the market and are predicted to go mainstream within the coming years. Gesture control is one of the most efficient interaction methods in AR, and can be used to navigate content, interact with virtual objects, take photos and videos and manage incoming calls.

AR for smartphones

Augmented Reality is the new smartphone interface and poses challenges about how to interact efficiently and conveniently. Using gestures allows more of the screen to be dedicated to the AR experience, making it more immersive. When a user interacts with the screen to affect overlaid AR objects, gesture interaction provides a free line of sight.

VR headset interaction

Gestures are a natural and convenient way to interact in Virtual Reality environments. You are less dependent on touchpads and buttons, allowing a more immersive interaction. Use them to control media playback and navigate menus, for instance.

Photo: Avantis ClassVR using Crunchfish gesture control.

Smartphone photo capture

Gesture control makes it easy to take selfies, group photos and video from a comfortable distance. Touchless camera capturing makes a difference when you want to fit multiple people into a group selfie, take a photo of you without bothering a stranger or capture more creative viewpoints.

See what our technology can do by downloading our showcase app GoCam for iPhone.


Touchless gesture control
Using advanced image recognition and deep learning algorithms, Crunchfish Touchless A3D® detects and tracks objects in three dimensions using the camera in mobile and wearable devices. This enables you to use your hands to engage with digital interfaces more naturally via gestures, making interactions more fluid, direct and immersive.

Crunchfish has 11 unique touchless interaction inventions, of which 10 have been granted patents and 15 unique AR inventions of which 9 have been granted patents.

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Our Touchless A3D® SDK is OS independent and works with standard cameras.

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