Enterprise AR

Crunchfish offers gesture interaction technologies for Enterprise AR that enables the user to interact and handle content more quickly, easily and intuitively. The software is already deployed in tens of millions of units on the market including wearables and smartphones through customers and partners such as OPPO, Epson and Lenovo.

Gesture control in AR glasses

The demand is growing for user-friendly and efficient ways to interact with AR smart glasses in enterprise usecases. Crunchfish offers a gesture control technology that enables full flexibility with tracking of 21 points on each hand. Working with partners world-wide to enable intuitive gesture interaction in industrial usecases such as handling picking lists in warehouses and remote assist makes Crunchfish one of the leading providers of gesture technologies.

Interaction demo for AR glasses

This application demonstrates Crunchfish’s solution designed for efficient touchless interaction with any standard AR smart glasses and/or mobile devices running Android 5.0 or later. Using the pinch, open and closed hand, interactions such as navigation, item selection, annotation and zooming can be performed.

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Technology – Gesture Interaction

By using advanced image recognition and deep learning algorithms, Crunchfish’s Gesture interaction software detects and tracks objects in three dimensions using the camera in mobiles and wearable devices. This makes it possible to engage with digital interfaces more naturally via gestures, making the interaction more fluid, direct and immersive.

Crunchfish has 4 product lines; XR Pose, XR Tracking, XR Skeleton and Selfie AR that all meet different hardware requirements and use cases.

With almost ten years’ experience from development of gesture interaction software, Crunchfish has an extensive understanding of how gesture control works. We not only master the technology and how it works with different types of hardware. We have also over the years developed a deep understanding of UX (User Experience) and how the users most efficiently interact using gestures, which provides a unique and competitive advantage.

Software license
Crunchfish licenses its Gesture technology products to customers as an SDK development package. The SDK contains a software library, an application programming interface, integration manuals, interaction design guidelines and reference software. The design of Crunchfish’s products secures an easy integration with most hardware platforms and mobile applications.

Crunchfish has 12 unique touchless gesture interaction innovations, of which 11 have been granted patents.

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All our product SDKs are OS independent and compatible with most standard camera sensors.

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