We create new possibilities
for mobile and AR/VR interaction

With deep knowledge within touchless gesture interaction, mobile proximity solutions and UX design, we offer hardware manufacturers and application developers software that enhances the user experience and offers unique interaction solutions to their users.


Touchless interaction by gestures


Touchless A3D®

We enable you to engage with digital interfaces in a more natural way with gestures, making interactions more fluid and direct. Our software is used in AR for enterprise use, for mobile AR, in VR headsets and in smartphones for photo capturing.

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Connected Augmented Reality



We provide applications with an intelligent proximity layer that lets you to discover others nearby, to communicate with them directly and share information. Our software is used in m-commerce for mobile proximity payments and marketing, for social apps and to manage contextual awareness in AR smart glasses.

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With millions of photos taken and listed as Best New App in several countries, GoCam by Crunchfish is the ideal app for capturing photos from a distance using gestures. For the easiest way to share photos across networks try aBubbl® – the world’s first application enabling local sharing between multiple devices. Six Degrees Project is a social mingle app that enables a user to discover and interact with other users within proximity. Perfect for social events and seminars.

GoCam by Crunchfish






Six Degrees Project



Crunchfish rides the edge of deep learning

“The last years have seen a new era of deep learning in computer vision, applying convolutional neural networks (CNN) to various fields such as computer games, chess, go and medicine. An important characteristic of the CNNs are their ability to learn spatial patterns in e.g images.

Crunchfish is poised to take the pole position applying modern deep learning technologies into mobile devices. Our research and development teams combine topology and optimization know-how for CNN:s with real time implementation skills to deploy these solutions into mobile devices.”

Paul Cronholm, CTO and founder