Crunchfish is a deep tech company offering a Digital Cash platform with offline payment capabilities for Banks, Payment Services, and CBDC implementations. Crunchfish makes payment services robust by providing survivability in the face of failure, whether it relates to lack of online connectivity or backend server outages.

Crunchfish has the bold ambition to take a global leadership position within payments.

Crunchfish Digital Cash augments any form of payments. We are very happy with the positive feedback we have received so far by Banks and Payment Services. Crunchfish has an ambition to take a leadership position within payments globally

Joachim Samuelsson


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Digital Cash

Priorities from 2014.





Proximity interaction

Blippit Swimmingly easy payments

Merchants worldwide are experiencing a huge increase in demand for contactless mobile payment solutions. Blippit is the world’s first app terminal that links payment apps to POS terminals.

It enables customers to checkout with a single blip and merchants to identify customers before payment. Blippit is intuitive, responsive and the blip works the exactly same way across all mobile devices.

Nearby Discover and connect

Crunchfish provides superpowers to people by digitizing the proximity. Contextual and dynamic awareness of what is present, here and now. We also enable mobile users to connect to anyone or anything nearby.

Crunchfish’s nearby solutions are based on Bluetooth, either using beacons or local BLE connections, enabling mobile users to discover and connect with the proximity. We enable a digital handshakes between two mobile devices or make it possible to discover people even when their mobiles are in lock screen.

Digital Cash Partners

By cooperating with partners within complementing fields of technology we have created an ecosystem for Digital Cash with a global reach.

#2 – neoEYED
working within the field of security through Behavioral Biometrics in Payment Apps.

#4 – DigitSecure
delivering a PCI-certified, international card networks compliant, SoftPOS for Merchant Terminals.

#7 – Nextgen Telesolutions
enabling stronger solutions for Digital Cash on feature phones with Secure Element hosting on SIM overlays and microSD cards.

#8 – ToneTag
Enabling users to carry out quick and convenient cashless transactions by utilizing an innovative and highly secure sound wave-based technology

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