Touchless interaction enable users to interact with devices without touching displays or physical buttons. The solutions are designed for everyday use with exceptional performance, optimised for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and next generation digital interfaces.

Enabling touchless interaction

Unparalleled performance
Power efficiency, accuracy and speed with proprietary machine learning processes and deep learning technology.

Range of gesture products for different use cases.

Market proven
Deployed in tens of millions of units on the market including wearables and smartphones through customers such as OPPO, Epson and Lenovo.

Cost effective
No extra hardware needed.

Use cases

Consumer AR & VR

AR glasses for consumer is an extremely exciting product category that today is an accessory to smartphones but that will likely replace the smartphone at some point. Use cases include to provide easy access to mobile content as well as augmenting virtual objects and information for eg. training and education.

The consumer market for VR is growing with new products launching from large manufacturers, targeting gaming and other experiences suited for the immersive VR world. Crunchfish’s gesture software is optimised to provide the best possible interaction experience to users of consumer AR&VR devices.

Enterprise AR

The demand is growing for user-friendly and efficient ways to interact with AR smart glasses in enterprise use cases such as remote assist and picking list management in warehouses. Crunchfish works with partners world-wide to enable intuitive gesture interaction in industrial use cases. Partners include providers of AR smart glasses like Vuzix and Epson as well as AR platform providers like LogistiView and Nibiru.


Hand, body and object tracking will be crucial to detect passengers, pets, children as well as driver’s and passengers’ behavior in a vehicle. In EU, Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) will be mandatory in new vehicles and gradually implemented over the course of four years, starting in 2022 with all new type-approved cars with a certain level of autonomous driving capability according to the EU Council of Ministers general safety regulation. Also, interaction with car infotainment systems in front and rear seat is applicable for touchless gestures. Crunchfish’s hand and body tracking technologies are perfectly suited for both DMS and interaction with vehicle infotainment systems.

Mobile AR

Augmented Reality provides a new user experience in smartphones where solutions are needed to enable a more immersive way to interact. Using gestures allows more of the screen to be dedicated to the AR experience, enables interaction in 3 dimensions and makes the experience more immersive. Crunchfish’s gesture technology can easily be integrated in any application or as a smartphone core functionality to enable a user interface controlled with gestures.

Public Screens

Public screens are becoming more and more common at malls, hotels, restaurants, train stations etc. Touch displays spread diseases and as a consequence of COVID-19 many people are reluctant to touch public screens. By providing touchless interaction using gestures, the screen interaction becomes more convenient and also prevent risk of infection.

Crunchfish’s gesture control technology and a camera sensor can enable almost any display with touchless interaction.

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By using advanced image recognition and deep learning algorithms, Crunchfish’s Gesture interaction software detects and tracks objects in three dimensions using the camera in mobiles and wearable devices.

This makes it possible to engage with digital interfaces more naturally via gestures, making the interaction more fluid, direct and immersive.

Crunchfish has 4 product tracks that all meet different hardware requirements and use cases.

XR Skeleton

PS Skeleton

XR Tracking

XR Pose

Selfie AR


Protected areas
Detection and tracking
Power saving

Priority from 2012.





“Crunchfish is an important partner that provides new and efficient ways to interact with our devices.

Paul Travers
CEO, Vuzix

“We believe that touchless gestures will be one of the key interaction methods for future solutions running on our Moverio products.”

Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi
Head of New Market Development – EMEA

“Crunchfish provides an innovative and reliable touchless technology in combination with profound expertise in the industry”

Sky Li
Vice President of OPPO and Managing Director of International Mobile Business at OPPO

“Integrating Crunchfish’s gesture control as part of a multimodal interaction solution came natural to us. The combination of LogistiVIEW’s and Crunchfish’s software opens up new business opportunities.

Seth Patin
CEO and Founder of LogistiVIEW

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This application demonstrates Crunchfish’s XR Tracking solution designed for efficient touchless interaction with any standard AR smart glasses and/or mobile devices running Android 5.0 or later. Using the pinch, interaction such as navigation, item selection, annotation and zooming can be performed.
Please contact us also for evaluation of Crunchfish XR/PS Skeleton.

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