XR Skeleton

A high-end full skeleton gesture software that tracks 21 points on each hand in 3 dimensions with measured distances between each point. XR Skeleton targets high-end AR glasses and VR devices and enables unlimited interaction possibilities with virtual objects including capability of detecting a large variety of hand poses.

PS Skeleton

A high-end skeleton gesture software that is capable of tracking points on hands and body in 3 dimensions. PS Skeleton targets automotive, public screens and smartTVs and enables almost unlimited interaction possibilities including capabilities of detecting a variety of hand and body poses.

XR Tracking

Designed to provide a full interaction experience and capable of replacing any other interaction method including touch display by enabling eg. an extremely flexible pinch gesture.

XR Pose

Optimised to detect hand poses and trigger commands in more limited hardware like AR smart glasses with a monocular display. Poses include eg. open/closed hand, swipe and thumbs-up.

Selfie AR

Developed for front facing camera mode – all gestures are detected with a camera pointing towards the user. The software is mainly used in smartphones and tablets for photo capture from a distance but also to add effects in MobileAR or for interaction with public displays.


Crunchfish delivers high performance gesture recognition solutions, enabling immersive interaction in wearables (AR/VR), smartphones, automotive and public screens. Our technologies are the result of over 10 years of research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. 

We design and train our models with in-house optimized neural networks and tools to provide state-of-the-art technology and intuitive user experiences.

Technical benefits

Leading performance with hand recognition rate of up to 98% and extremely responsive tracking.

Low latency and battery consumption with proprietary computer vision and machine learning techniques.

Easy to integrate
Crunchfish’s solutions are platform agnostic and easy to integrate into existing hardware.

A library of gesture poses and APIs that enables customized solutions for a variety of use cases and business verticals.

Hardware compatibility

Crunchfish’s gesture interaction products are generic and compatible with many different hardware products.

Compatible product hardware

AR/VR headsets





Smart displays

Compatible camera sensors



Infrared (IR)


Software compatibility

It is possible to run Crunchfish’s software on almost any software platform, but may require adaptation in some cases.

Compatible software








Frame processing time of Crunchfish’s software on reference platform.

Gesture recognition rate
Up to 98% on pose trigger and gesture sequence

At what rate Crunchfish’s software recognizes a certain gesture.

Load on reference CPU

Crunchfish’s technology is capable of running on GPU and NPU, which if available will affect runtime and load substantially.

Up to 5 meters or 16ft

Distance between object and camera sensor subject to sensor type.

Try our demo

This application demonstrates Crunchfish’s XR Tracking solution designed for efficient touchless interaction with any standard AR smart glasses and/or mobile devices running Android 5.0 or later. Using the pinch, interaction such as navigation, item selection, annotation and zooming can be performed.
Please contact us also for evaluation of Crunchfish XR/PS Skeleton.

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