“Crunchfish was founded 2010 and has always been focused on tech solutions for mobiles. We never let technology dictate the conditions – we always adapt it to what fits us humans best.”

Joachim Samuelsson

Our core values


An inspired curiosity drives us to explore the world, adapting technology to human needs.


Our creative minds combined with deep technical know-how originates radical new ideas and innovations.


We care about the society we live in, customers and colleagues, always developing sustainable relationships.

Solution areas

Digital Cash – Cash goes digital.

Cash is king of digital payments. It always works, it’s easy to handle and it safeguards personal privacy. Crunchfish preserves these features when cash goes digital. The transformation will be profound as digital cash will be present in all mobile wallets in the future.

Blippit – Swimmingly easy payments.

Merchants worldwide are experiencing a huge increase in demand for contactless mobile payment solutions. Blippit is the world’s first app terminal that links payment apps to POS terminals. It enables customers to checkout with a single blip and merchants to identify customers before payment.

Food Waste – Rescue food, POS rewards.

A third of all food produced in the world is thrown away. This is very costly and has a huge negative impact on our planet. Reducing food waste by half before 2030 is one of the United Nations’ sustainability goals. We rescue food by providing POS rewards to consumers for making environmentally friendly purchase decisions.

Nearby – Discover and connect.

Crunchfish provides superpowers to people by digitizing the proximity. Contextual and dynamic awareness of what is present, here and now. We also enable mobile users to connect to anyone or anything nearby.

Gestures – Deeply intuitive.

Touchless interaction enable users to interact with devices without touching displays or physical buttons. The solutions are designed for everyday use with exceptional performance, optimised with deep learning for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and next generation digital interfaces.

Crunchfish Social Responsibility

Crunchfish sponsors Maria and Peter Berg’s world championship efforts in coastal rowing

Maria and Peter Berg are two of the world’s greatest coastal rowers. Maria is reigning European champion and nine-time Swedish champion, and Peter has won the world championship and the Swedish championship no less than 17 times. During this year, Maria and Peter will host two inspirational lectures about teamwork and exercise as well as an event in Helsingborg in late August where we will try out coastal rowing in Öresund.

Crunchfish participates in Business meets chess & kids

Business meets chess & kids is an initiative for integration and against segregation. It brings together people who seldom meet, if ever, and lets them interact with each other on equal terms over a game of chess.

It is a chess tournament played in pairs where a representative from the business is paired with youth from the suburbs to play together versus others.

As a fun pre-event, Sweden’s number one grand master Nils Grandelius will play simultaneous chess versus business representatives.

Crunchfish will be represented by Paul Cronholm, founder and CTO in the main tournament and UX-designer Thomas Rogowiec will take on the grand master Nils Grandelius.


Protected areas
Digital Cash
Food Waste
Gesture Interaction

Our strategy is to protect technology in all of our solution areas and in geographic markets that are deemed to be of importance.

Crunchfish owns its patents and patent applications without any restrictions.

Priorities from 2012.





Group structure



Crunchfish (publ)

Joachim Samuelsson
CEO, Crunchfish (publ)

Crunchfish (publ)

Erik Berggren
IR Manager



Digital Cash

Patrik Lindeberg
CEO, Crunchfish Digital Cash


Food Waste

Linda Kronby
CEO, Crunchfish Food Waste

Gesture Interaction

Joakim Nydemark
CEO, Crunchfish Gesture Interaction

Blippit AB
Affiliated company

Linda Kronby
CEO, Blippit AB


Paul Cronholm
Founder & CTO

Daniel Milesson
Gesture R&D