Digitizing proximity

The Augmented and Virtual Reality paradigm shift requires new technologies for human-based interaction. Crunchfish’s software technologies reinvent m-commerce and enterprise AR interaction by connecting people and helping them to engage efficiently with AR devices.

We have been connected to the cloud and internet for many years. Now it’s time to digitize proximity. At Crunchfish, we enable people to interact, discover and communicate with everyone and everything around them.

Photo, courtesy of Epson

Smart interaction for enterprise AR

Crunchfish offers efficient interaction technologies for enterprise AR solutions. Interaction challenges in industrial environments are driving demand for user-friendly ways to engage with AR smart glasses. We offer touchless interaction by gestures and contextual awareness technology that enable users to interact and handle information faster, easier and safer.

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Convenient and secure m-commerce

Crunchfish’s mobile proximity technology enables convenient and secure mobile payment. It also provides proximity marketing in-store or between people outside the store. This unique offering is digitizing in-store m-commerce and it is our firm ambition to provide the drivers for m-commerce applications and set the market technology standard.

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