Solution areas

Digital Cash – Offline payments

Crunchfish Digital Cash augments any form of payment, on any form factor – mobiles, web, cards and wearables, on any payment rail – Instant, EMV, CBDC and crypto.

Crunchfish has the bold ambition to take a global leadership position within payments.

Gesture Interaction – Deeply intuitive gestures.

Touchless interaction enable users to interact with devices without touching displays or physical buttons. The solutions are designed for everyday use with exceptional performance, optimised with machine learning for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and next generation digital interfaces.

Our core values


An inspired curiosity drives us to explore the world, adapting technology to human needs.


Our creative minds combined with deep technical know-how originates radical new ideas and innovations.


We care about the society we live in, customers and colleagues, always developing sustainable relationships.


Protected areas
Digital Cash
Gesture Interaction

Our strategy is to protect technology in all of our solution areas and in geographic markets that are deemed to be of importance.

Crunchfish owns its patents and patent applications without any restrictions.

Priorities from 2012.