Interaction solutions

Crunchfish develops and markets patented interaction solutions for mobile payments and gesture control.

Mobile Payments
Our interaction solutions for mobile payments provide a local two-way communication link between a consumer’s mobile payment app and the merchant’s POS or merchant app, enabling frictionless transactions that always work, as well as earlier identification of customers.

Gesture Control
We also develop world-leading gesture interaction solutions that have already been integrated into tens of millions of smartphones globally. Today, our gesture control development efforts are focused towards smart AR glasses.

Frictionless mobile payments

Proxilink, Crunchfish’s proximity-based mobile payments technology, enables frictionless payments in a physical environment independent of a connection to the payment service.

The technology also allows merchants to identify their customers earlier in the sales process, helping them take into consideration loyalty programs and discount coupons.

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Smart interaction for Augmented Reality

Crunchfish offers efficient interaction technologies for AR solutions. Interaction challenges in AR are driving demand for user-friendly ways to engage with AR smart glasses. We offer touchless interaction by gestures and contextual awareness technology that enable users to interact and handle information faster, easier and safer.

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