Crunchfish provides superpowers to people by digitizing the proximity. Contextual and dynamic awareness of what is present, here and now. We also enable mobile users to connect to anyone or anything nearby.

Why is it hard to communicate with the proximity?

Proximity is the next area for mobiles to conquer. Providing people with superpowers to understand more about their surroundings than what is possible with the human senses. Implemented in a mobile app, you may discover and communicate with everything and everyone nearby.

Crunchfish’s nearby solutions are based on Bluetooth, either using beacons or local BLE connections, enabling mobile users to discover and connect with the proximity. We enable a digital handshakes between two mobile devices or make it possible to discover people even when their mobiles are in lock screen.

“Digitizing the proximity is the next frontier for mobiles to conquer. Discovering and connecting seamlessly with anyone and anything nearby will be common in the future.”

Dhruv Singh
Business Manager, Nearby

Discover who is nearby

Crunchfish enables mobile users to discover whoever is nearby. It gives users superpowers, telling them much more about the people around them than the naked eye can detect. Analysing measured signal strength makes it possible to identify people according to their distance from the user.

Communicate with the proximity

Anyone in Bluetooth range is part of an ad hoc network and can send and receive information. Use cases include social media, gaming, dating, conferences and sharing information. Communication may be to everyone or only selected people in a category.

Digital handshake

A digital handshake is an exchange of information between people in proximity. Interaction is intuitive, users simply hold their mobiles close together. Digital handshakes may be used as an check-in, login or exchange of contact information.

Online by Proxy

When either party lacks an online connection, a connection can be obtained by proxy from the connected party. This allows full access to the cloud service.


Protected areas
Passive interaction
Contact tracing
Online by Proxy

Priority from 2014.








Dhruv Singh
Business Manager


Joachim Samuelsson
CEO, Crunchfish AB (publ)