Alessio Mauro. Behavioral Biometrics @ neoEYED. 20/36


Mastercard estimates that almost half of all login attempts in 2019 were at high risk for being fraudulent. In such a world, authenticating a user is more crucial than ever . This is especially true for Digital Cash where security is of essence, both from a user perspective and from the PSP’s perspective.

Alessio Mauro is the CEO and founder of neoEYED, Inc., a global player in Behavioral Biometrics, a technology that enable strong user authentication through analysis of how humans interact with their devices and applications. This technology is centered on probabilistically identifying if the legitimate person is physically present in the interaction. The beauty of Behavioral Biometrics is that it can reside everywhere in the solution and constantly monitor that security is not compromised.

Crunchfish AB and neoEYED recently announced a partnership in which behavioral biometrics will enhance the security in Crunchfish’s Digital Cash solutions. In this interview, Alessio and Crunchfish’s CEO Joachim Samuelsson talks about neoEYED’s vision of ridding the world from the traditional password, about India where neoEYED is also active, and also about Sicily, where Alessio lives.