Crunchfish enable digital applications to become robust, trusted and secure


Digital payments are not as robust as required given their critical role as public or commercial goods in a modern society. The same holds true for digital applications in general. As they are typically implemented using client server network model, the digital service is only available if the user gets online network access over the internet. In the same way as Crunchfish Digital Cash provides robustness for digital payments services, Crunchfish enable now this approach for digital applications in other verticals. Adding an application agnostic Trusted Application Protocol layer to digital applications has a profound impact on the client server communication as it provides trusted -applications, -identities and -execution environments communicating with secure end-to-end messages over all types of networks, e.g. TCP/IP, VPN, telecom or using a LAN or a proximity bearer.

This innovation is arguably the most important improvement in digital communication since the internet was introduced in the 90s and Crunchfish most important innovation to date. Whereas the internet provides survivability in the face of failures between networks, TAP provides robustness between the digital application of the client and the server as well as fully offline between peers”, says Joachim Samuelsson Crunchfish CEO.   

Crunchfish have a patent pending for this protocol extension that applies to any form of digital application. The business model is subscription-based Trust-as-a-service model. In addition to supporting client server network architectures, the patent pending TAP also supports peer-to-peer communication.

TAP is arguably the most important improvement in digital communications since the internet was introduced in the 90s. Whereas the internet TCP/IP protocol made digital communications more robust, it is of little use if the application cannot get online access. TAP provides robustness as well as trust to digital applications by providing alternative routes to the remote server. For what is the use of a robust internet if a user that cannot get online access to the digital service?

In addition to making digital payments applications robust, having a trusted client is very useful for any digital application that require login, executing a single command or enabling automatic login without a passphrase to a remote server. This could for instance be used by electronic identification applications. Any application becomes more robust by the Trusted Application as it is possible to use alternative routes than the internet to connect to the remote server with end-to-end integrity. Even in circumstances where the internet is available, TAP adds additional integrity for the application data and ties the user directly to the secure client, which is beneficial for invoicing in subscription-based applications. TAP may also be used for having a trusted identity on social media platform to improve accountability for what is posted online.

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