Crunchfish has entered an agreement with Seerslab Inc. in South Korea. Seerslab will license and become a distributor of Crunchfish’s software for gesture interaction. Seerslab has developed an AR/VR platform where Crunchfish’s gesture control will be offered as an integrated component. The agreement also entitles Seerslab the right to use the software in its proprietary AR/VR applications.

Seerslab is currently active on the Korean and American markets with its two business areas. The company is both licensing its AR/VR platform ARGear as a SDK and also do external development of AR/VR applications and AR/VR objects. At the moment, Seerslab has developed over 6,000 AR/VR products and AR/VR objects, such as filters, virtual make-up and AR characters. The company’s AR solutions are used by market leading companies such as LG, eBay, Pixar and a number of 5G operators. Seerslab’s software is also integrated in Samsung’s Galaxy devices.

Seerslab will now be a partner of Crunchfish and distribute Crunchfish’s gesture interaction technology against its customers in AR/VR. Crunchfish will thus have a sales channel on the Korean market, but also get additional reach on e.g. the American market.

“The partnership with Seerslab enables a significant entry into the global application market for AR in the consumer industry, and in particular an effective positioning on the important Korean market”, comments Henrik Winberg, Sales Director of Crunchfish.

”Seerslab has developed a competitive AR/VR platform that has attracted customers such as Samsung and LG. The fact that Seerslab now chooses our gesture interaction technology is a confirmation that our technology has the highest of standards”, comments Joakim Nydemark, CEO of Crunchfish.


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