Joseph Gan @ V-Key. Digital trust. 19/36.


Wallet security is key with Digital Cash. V-Key is a Singapore-based firm that invented the world’s first virtual secure element. It provides a secure runtime environment within a native iOS or Android mobile app where an offline balance may be stored and cryptographic processes execute in isolation from the unsafe environment of the mobile app. Their excellent virtual secure element V-OS matches or even improves on the security characteristics of hardware secure elements and is much more scalable as it is a software solution not tied to any specific piece of hardware. V-Key is Crunchfish’s very first Digital Cash Partner

Joseph Gan is the CEO and co-founder of V-Key and a pioneer in digital security. He started working for Singapore’s Ministry of Defense and realized soon that mobile operating environments were wide open. Here we explore how security can be improved by using a virtual secure element in combination with the hardware Trusted Execution Environment TEE. We conclude in the interview that the required security level is now readily available for Digital Cash.