Mitch Cohen @ eCurrency. CBDC – The future of cash. 17/36.


The mission of eCurrency is to enable central banks to issue digital currency – CBDC. They have pioneered the world’s only true CBDC solution to securely issue and distribute digital fiat currency by central banks as legal tender alongside notes and coins.

Today on January 19th, Crunchfish and eCurrency announced a partnership aimed at combining Crunchfish offline settlement with eCurrency’s DSC3 product for CBDC, For almost a decade eCurrency has been in dialogue with central banks all over the world on the requirements of CBDC. As offline settlement is a key requirement of central banks we are very excited over this partnership.

In this interview Crunchfish’s CEO Joachim Samuelsson explores how cash can be implemented in digital form with eCurrency’s Chief Security Officer Mitch Cohen, based in Silicon Valley. We compare cryptocurrency to CBDC and discuss why blockchain may not be the right choice for implementing CBDC.

This is interview 17 of 36 in the second season – Cash goes digital, a payment pandemic – out Wednesday morning at 6 am CET / 10.30 am IST.