New XR Skeleton release brings significantly improved precision and performance

Today, Crunchfish launches an update of its latest gesture control product XR Skeleton with further precision and performance improvements as well as features. In XR Skeleton 1.1, Crunchfish has managed to compress more functions in the same neural network and doubled the precision with a 30 percent reduction in processing power. With an ordinary mobile camera, XR Skeleton detects and follows the hand through 21 points in three dimensions.

By identifying all the moving parts and contours of the hand and then linking these points together into a skeletal structure, the possibility of using 3D models as an exact image of the hand and its position in an augmented reality is opened up. Crunchfish’s latest software provides a full 3-dimensional experience despite the use of a standard 2-dimensional mobile camera watch video.

The technology behind the XR Skeleton software product is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the use of advanced neural networks. This gives the system intelligence to calculate how a hand moves in all three dimensions, even though the camera used can only read the hand “flat”, i.e. in two dimensions. This normally requires several large neural networks, which is demanding both on the processor and the battery. In XR Skeleton 1.1, Crunchfish has managed to compress more functions in the same neural network and thus increased performance by 30 percent. The precision in XR Skeleton 1.1, i.e. how close each of the 21 points on the hand is to the actual joint on the hand, has also been doubled.

An important difference between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is that in AR, you always see reality. This brings the complexity that all augmented information, such as the robot hand in the video above, must follow the real hand with extreme precision to give the user a good experience. Achieving this is one of Crunchfish’s main strengths.

“Since the last product release, we have taken further steps forward in the area of recreating 3D information based on 2D images. This is largely done through an advanced process for producing very high-quality data in combination with deep expertise in optimizing neural networks for real-time applications. With the latest version of XR Skeleton, we show the team’s incredible ability to create extremely efficient solutions with small resources,” says Daniel Milesson, Head of R&D at Crunchfish Gesture Interaction AB.

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