Peter Chen. King and Queen @ Taisys Technologies. 21/36.


In many parts of the world, feature phones are still very common and for instance in India, half of the population still use them. Feature phone users have poor support for digital payments. But what if there was a technology that could enable swimmingly easy payments on all these feature phones?

TAISYS Technologies Co., Ltd from Taiwan has that technology. Their patented Thin SIM solution is a SIM overlay, a paper-thin electronic strip which is placed over the phones’ SIM card which serves as an additional Secure Element. This ingenious solution has the potential of unlocking mobile payments on every feature phone in the world, offering up a huge market potential.

In this interview, Taisys’ CEO Peter Chen and our CEO Joachim Samuelsson talk about the king-and-queen approach that Taisys uses in their technology, how the technology is a perfect fit for many of many of the areas that Crunchfish is also approaching with our Digital Cash solutions such as CBDC, global financial inclusion, as well as some differences between Sweden and Taiwan.

This is interview 21 of 36 in the second season – Cash goes digital, a payment pandemic – out Friday morning at 6 am CET / 10.30 am IST.