According to a recently conducted study with answers from 68 of the leading 100 Scandinavian FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) chains, only 10 % of the physical stores have a central solution to enable payment using mobile apps. The same study shows a clear intention to offer payment with mobile apps and that Swish can be integrated in 40-50 percent of the physical stores as soon as in the end of 2020. Blippit is a new type of payment infrastructure that provides a bridge between the mobile device and the point of sale (POS) such as the cash register. Swish is the first app to be integrated in the Blippit eco-system.  

The entire retail payments eco-system is on the verge of a massive change. New fintech solutions enter the market in rapid pace. Many of these solutions require a connection between mobile devices and retail points of sale (POS). In mid-September 2019, a study made by students at Uppsala University in co-operation with a local enterprise was released. The study focused on mobile payments in retail and showed that very few chains had solutions to enable payment using mobile devices. The study also showed that a majority of the retail chains had ambitions to offer mobile payment solutions as soon as possible, and that new payment solutions were on the agenda.

Blippit is a full stack solution for mobile payments built around a new type of payment terminal, an app terminal, which is being developed by Crunchfish Proximity. The app terminal works as a bridge between mobile devices and retail POS and thus enables mobile payments that is registered in the cash register. Blippit is an eco-system where any app can connect to the cash register. Swish is the first app that has chosen to be integrated.

Blippit’s architecture is built around the app terminal and related software for mobile payment applications, cash registers as well as Blippit’s cloud and app terminal. The app terminal is a plug-and-play solution that is connected via USB to the cash register.


Voices on the app terminal