Crunchfish Digital Cash 2.1 – Trusted payments over telecom

Crunchfish have today released Digital Cash 2.1 enabling trusted payments anywhere, anytime, and to anyone using telecom connectivity. This much awaited release broadens the scope of Crunchfish Digital Cash significantly making it possible to pay offline to anyone that is onboarded on a domestic payment scheme.


Description automatically generatedDigital Cash 2.1 offers new functionality, settings and minor bug fixes and is based on the Digital Cash 2.0 release that implements Crunchfish’s patent-pending Trusted Application Protocol (TAP). Major focus for this release has been to design and implement Crunchfish’s patent-pending product Digital Cash telecom. This lays the foundation of robust digital payments as it allows for payments anywhere, anytime, and to anyone using telecom connectivity.


Digital Cash telecom allows the payer to connect remotely using Crunchfish patent-pending Trusted Application Protocol (TAP) and send a trusted payment message to the payment service provider’s host server via the alternate and much more widely available telecom route.


The main benefit is that payers do not have to care whether they are online or not. Digital Cash telecom provides a seamless user experience where it is possible to pay to anyone that is onboarded on a domestic payment scheme, e.g. UPI in India. Attached is a demonstration video showing the payer scanning a static QR-code, authorizing the payment, which is then sent to the host server over telecom. The payee using in this case a feature phone is notified of the payment by the payment rail in the standard way.


“We continue our journey of providing user centric and robust payments. This new version enables a much-requested feature in Digital Cash telecom, which we are now proud to release to our customers.”, says Rutger Petersson, R&D Director at Crunchfish Digital Cash.


Digital Cash telecom is easy to implement for an issuer, whether a central bank, retail bank or payment service provider, as there are no changes required for the payment rail or the payee. Digital Cash telecom compliments Digital Cash online for remote payments as well as Digital Cash offline for payments in proximity. The Crunchfish Digital Cash 2.1 SDK is available for customer download through the Crunchfish developer portal.



For more information, please contact:

Joachim Samuelsson, CEO of Crunchfish AB

+46 708 46 47 88 


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About Crunchfish –

Crunchfish is a deep tech company developing a Digital Cash platform for Banks, Payment Services and CBDC implementations and Gesture Interaction technology for AR/VR and automotive industry. Crunchfish is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market since 2016, with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden and with a subsidiary in India.



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