Crunchfish has recruited the very talented Jonathan Astermark, who recently graduated from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) at Lund University with an M.Sc. in Engineering Physics. Jonathan Astermark is specialised in machine learning and mathematics and he is thus extending the company’s team of experts in machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality. We would like to welcome Jonathan to the Crunchfish team, and we have also taken the chance to ask Jonathan some questions!

Jonathan, how did the interest in mathematics and physics grow on you?

I was born with an interest in science. Already from a young age, I knew that the field of science was the right path for me. The interest in mathematics grew in elementary school, and it blossomed during high school. I want to understand the logics between how things are connected and the deeper I need to dig to understand the basics, the more interesting I find it to be.

You’re a master’s graduate in engineering physics, what’s your field of knowledge?

My specialities are machine learning and mathematics. My master’s thesis focused on using pre-trained Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to produce synthetic images of faces and using them to train detectors based on Haar-like features. Basically, I was experimenting with new methods to replace real images with synthetic images and use the synthetic images to improve the models for detection. There are similarities to Crunchfish’s technology, which is using trained neural nets to detect hands and hand gestures.

What are you going to be working with at Crunchfish?

I have been eager to start looking into Crunchfish’s gesture engine. Currently, I’m working with Anders (Henrysson, Senior Research Engineer) with training of new networks. It’s very important to choose data that resembles the reality. Everything from environment, light etc. impacts the images, and I’m currently involved in optimising the architecture for the networks, and thus shortening the time for execution as well as improving the performance. So far, I have found it challenging, and thus entertaining, working with Crunchfish’s technology.

What do you enjoy doing on your spare time?

During my years at university, I was involved in Kristianstad’s Nation and e.g. the association’s spex and I am still to this date an elected Senior in the association. Further, I enjoy hanging out with my friends at the Nation and stream various series. I also like playing strategy games such as Civilization and Hearthstone.


If you’re looking for your next step in the career and thinking about becoming an employee at Crunchfish, please see our Career page! We are currently looking for a Senior Developer in Machine Learning.