Elliott Linder from Stockholm, a skilled computer programmer and student at the Faculty of Engineering LTH at Lund University, has recently joined Crunchfish Proximity to conduct his bachelor thesis in back-end development. We’re extremely happy to have Elliott onboard and look forward seeing what he can achieve during the coming months. In this blog post, you’ll get to know Elliott a little better!

“I’m born and raised in Stockholm. Already from an early age, I found computers and what I could achieve with them to be a great interest, and it has become my passion in life. In parallel with my computer engineering studies, I work as an IT consultant, and I have also worked as a programmer for three years prior to my studies. At Crunchfish Proximity, I will do back-end development for Blippit and I am glad to join the passionate team!”

How did you find your interest in computers and computer engineering?

When I was very young, I played a lot of computer games (I still do) and really wanted my own computer. I was very lucky, because my father gave me one, but unfortunately the graphic card was really poor. This meant that I could not play the games I wanted. Instead I spent a lot of time on forums gaining interest in plugins. It basically ended up with me writing entertaining open source plugins to Counter Strike, and from there I have just continued to develop my interests in computers and its way of life.

You’re currently a computer engineering student at the Faculty of Engineering LTH at Lund University – what has the program given you so far?

It has given me the thorough basics of computers and their different elements. Through my education, I have been given greater knowledge in how things are connected to each other. Gaining knowledge in low-level languages such as assembly and also databases with the associated experience of how to handle data has been great for me. The courses in project management (e.g. SCRUM and agile methods) and requirement specifications were also very fruitful. The education is preparing the students for a professional career in computer engineering and I am very happy with my choice to study at the Faculty of Engineering LTH at Lund University.

What are you going to do at Crunchfish Proximity?

I’m going to be a consultant at Crunchfish and ClearOn’s joint-venture Blippit, joining the development team and explore new possibilities to solve mobile payment. More specifically, I will help out on the back-end development and cloud components that enables mobile payment, for instance with Swish. Blippit is currently building a new architecture for mobile payments and our objective is to create a general solution that just require minor plugins to connect new apps to the Blippit cloud. The deeper level I’m working at, the more stimulating I think it is. Therefore, this is a great challenge that I really am stoked to be part of!

What do you know about Blippit since before?

Before I started preparing for my bachelor thesis and had met Paul (Cronholm, the founder of Crunchfish and CEO of Crunchfish Proximity) and his team at Crunchfish Proximity, I did not know about Blippit. When I was looking at different possibilities for my bachelor thesis, I visited Crunchfish’s website and gained new knowledge in the company and its business areas. The m-commerce business caught my interest and I’m now ready to show what I am capable of. The app terminal is the alternative architecture for mobile payments I think a lot of people have been looking for in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) business.

Teaming up with Swish is a smart move from Blippit. People in Sweden like using Swish and it feels like “swisha” has become a verb in your everyday life in no time at all. Using Swish is neat, and I hope that Blippit along with Swish will disrupt the FMCG market as I see the possibilities to scale-up the retail business with e.g. individualised marketing and discount coupons.

Finally, tell us a little about your current interests and career dreams!

I’m a social guy that likes hanging out with my friends and girlfriend. Lund is a great city when you’re young and there’s activities you can get involved in every day. Right now, I also very much enjoy working with Mozilla’s new Rust language. It was released relatively recently and is currently gaining a lot of momentum. The language provides great memory safety, safe concurrency whilst maintaining high performance, rendering it a prominent alternative to C/C++.

I’m looking for a place where my co-workers are dedicated to what they do. If you’re doing what you love it’s never hard going to work. When I find a team that shares my passion, it’s blooming for me. I am not satisfied with just getting to know the answer, I want to understand the underlying causes and understand the architecture. Long-term, I can see myself working with project management and become a team-leader. I am neither hesitant of the thought of becoming an entrepreneur if I would come up with a new disruptive idea.


If you’re looking for your next step in the career and thinking about becoming an employee at Crunchfish, please see our Career page! We are currently looking for a Senior Developer in Machine Learning.