Crunchfish’s mobile proximity technology for m-commerce enables secure mobile payment and convenient digital coupon management. Via the joint venture – Blippit – Crunchfish provides unique offerings that transforms the in-store payment ecosystem.

Fast and secure m-commerce

Crunchfish’s mobile proximity technology enables secure mobile payment and coupon management in stores. We transform the in-store payment ecosystem and offer a disruptive and easy to use mobile payment solution that enables users to pay by simply tapping their mobile on the app terminal.

Voucher and coupon management

Managing vouchers and coupons via an app allows users to target specific groups with campaigns and to receive data on the customer groups that buy their products. Distributing campaign offers digitally is much faster and more cost-effective, especially compared to paper vouchers and coupons.

In-store AR marketing

In order to provide a shopping experience beyond traditional in-store marketing, Augmented Reality can be used. Crunchfish’s joint venture Blippit, offers a customizable solution based on AR technology where customers in stores can activate virtual AR-coupons by scanning chocolate bars and other merchandise. The coupon can then be transmitted to the point of sale by tapping the mobile on the app terminal.

App terminal

Blippit’s app terminal, developed by Crunchfish, enables point of sales with blip functionality. The app terminal connects to any cash register and make transfer of coupons, vouchers and payment from the mobile possible by a simple blip.


Crunchfish’s mobile proximity technology includes an app terminal and related app, terminal and app server software. Our SDK (software development kit) can be integrated in any mobile iOS or Android application and is provided in order for app developers to enable the mobile payment service in their apps. Bluetooth is the primary communication medium in the solution since we believe that the interactive experience should be the same regardless of whether you use an Android or Apple device.

A total mobile payment and coupon management solution including Crunchfish’s hardware and software technologies is provided to the market by Blippit AB. Blippit serves as a link between consumers and retail payment services without the retailer having to own its own apps, payment processors or point of sale systems.

Crunchfish has 24 unique innovations that have been granted patents. Within mobile proximity technology there are 19 unique inventions of which 13 have been granted. In total, Crunchfish has 61 active patents and patent applications, counting all country specific applications.

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Blippit provides and promotes Crunchfish Proximity’s technology to the market as part of a total solution for Mobile payment and coupon management. If you manage a store, are a retailer, a supplier to grocery stores or have an interest to learn more about our mobile commerce solution, please make contact.

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