Crunchfish’s mobile proximity technology for m-commerce enables convenient and secure mobile payment. It also provides proximity marketing in-store or between people outside the store. This unique offering is digitizing in-store m-commerce and it is our firm ambition to provide the drivers for m-commerce applications and set the market technology standard.

Convenient and secure mobile proximity payments

Crunchfish’s mobile proximity technology makes mobile payments the easiest form of transaction. Initiating the payment process may require no interaction with the customer’s mobile phone. The device merely has to be close to the point of sale. This mobile proximity payment solution is safer than any alternative solution because no sensitive payment information is transferred locally or exposed in the card terminal.

Payment for anyone anywhere

The retail industry requires convenient and secure mobile payment solutions that work for all customers. Many mobile payment applications in the market today are limited to specific mobile platforms or banks. Typically, they are also restricted for use at NFC-enabled card terminals only. Crunchfish’s technology has no such limitations. It can be used at all points of sale, with any smart mobile, and for all means of payment. The only hardware required is either a Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled terminal or beacons. These can be added to any point of sale environment.

Proximity marketing in-store or between people

Besides mobile payment, next-generation m-commerce technology will support customized marketing in-store and during contacts between people outside the store. Interaction before and after payment creates new opportunities for personal service and add-on sales. Any m-commerce technology of tomorrow must also include support for coupons and loyalty programmes.


Crunchfish’s mobile proximity technology enables discovery and communication with everything and everyone located nearby. We are digitizing the immediate surroundings of a person or a thing. This technology is highly dynamic and contextual and all about the experience of the here and now.

Crunchfish redefines mobile interaction within m-commerce and social applications. We market our patented technology through the aBubbl® software platform, which is based on beacons.

A key feature of beacon technology is its ability to detect and interact with mobile phone users even when they are not actively using an application. It is sufficient that the application is installed and that Bluetooth is enabled for communication to be possible. The interaction may be designed to be based on distance as the measured signal strength determines whether the user is a few centimetres, a couple metres or hundreds of metres away.

Crunchfish has an exceptionally strong IP-portfolio. Within mobile proximity there are almost 20 unique innovations that the company has applied patents for, of which Crunchfish has been granted about 10 patents. In addition, there are another 10 unique innovations that have been granted patents relating to touchless interaction.

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Our aBubbl® SDK activates mobile proximity in any third-party application. It supports iOS and Android, as well as cross-platform interaction using Bluetooth Low Energy.

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